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What can I do for you? Don't hesitate to contact me! In case you have any questions about my products or if you want information about collaborations or custommade products. I am always open to new opportunities and happy to answer your questions.


My name is Iris Lucia Megens and my design studio is based in Rotterdam. I studied product design design at Artez, university of the arts in Arnhem and i did my masters at Piet Zwart in Rotterdam. Fundamentally I am a maker! Materials are the start of every proces when making a new product.  Do you want to know more about me and my proces of making?

Most popular item at the moment
3D Draw Teapot 

The teapot is part of the collection 'Between the lines'. The teapot is made of bio plastic and it is hand made with a 3D pen. To me this object is a 3D drawing. 
Wishes to explore the boundaries of imaginative design. To do so, the technique of drawing with a 3D pen is essential for this project. The futuristic scenario of directly visualizing and producing a desired product - in the single act of drawing - represents the project rationale.


Last year I started my own label for bags. The name Unit12 originates from the fact that the bags are made in my own design studio. The first collection has just been released. The product range is about to expand but for now I am very happy to show you the current collection at...