Wishes to explore the boundaries of imaginative design. To do so, the technique of drawing with a 3D pen is essential for this project. The futuristic scenario of directly visualizing and producing a desired product - in the single act of drawing - represents the project rationale.
For her, it is a magical way of bringing an idea to reality. The only design tool you need is the pure power of imagination and personalized drawing skills. If you want something, you draw it and it becomes a real product. Creating and producing by the means of drawing still seems to be a future fantasy, but for her it's all about dreaming about this new opportunity. On the one hand, her collection represents the expression of imagination.
On the other hand, it reflects the applied form through material and technical experimentation. The research into visual and spatial implementation of the concept has a strong experimental character, due to the stimulation of new material properties and characteristics. The line-art is the 3D structure that shapes the collection. Her fascination for the skeleton as a supporting structure is reflected in her drawings. She has developed several drawing techniques that originate from skeleton structures. The ability to carry weight and at the same time be transparant, is the most important element of a skeleton. Different layers that remain visible one after the other. She considers the skin od the skeleton of a supportive feature, but also to emphasize the structure underneath it.