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Design: Iris Lucia Megens
Year: 2022
Size: 38 x 19cm
Material: Biodegradable print fillament
Color: WHITE
Production: The Netherlands, Rotterdam

 ‘Between the lines’ is the new collection of IRIS LUCIA. All objects are 3D drawn with lines consisting of bio-resin. Everyday objects like a vase or a teapot are sketched with a pen in space.

A futuristic craft where each piece is unique. Special, because the desired object is immediately given volume. It literally explores the boundaries of form, between the lines. Raising fundamental questions: How much material do we need? How lightly can we live?

The studio of IRIS LUCIA is based in Rotterdam.

PLEASE NOTE -My designs are entirely made by hand. There may be differences in the drawn lines and flower pattern on the photo and the product you buy.

Categorie Vase